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Pokémon Chronicles is a TV series comprising the English-dubbed versions of a number of Pokémon anime TV specials. Many of the episodes are from the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station show in Japan, but it also contained The Legend of Thunder! and shorts from the Pikachu's Winter Vacation series. The series follows recurring and supporting characters Ash Ketchum met on his journey, like Sakura, Misty, her sisters, Casey, Ritchie and Tracey. Ash only makes three appearances in the series in brief cameos.

Pokémon Chronicles debuted on May 11, 2005 on Toonami UK. YTV started airing the series in Canada during the fall of 2005 and Cartoon Network began airing it in the United States in June 2006. Currently, Pokémon Chronicles is not available on DVD in the United States, although the series has seen DVD release in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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